February 2016 - twindly beauty blog
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Beauty Related Facebook Interests (and Some Funny Facts)

While one might argue that not everyone uses Facebook and not all beauty related talks take place in Facebook, it is still an interesting source of data with over 1.4 billion active users. As a data geek myself, I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes to the possibilities of what this information might be useful for. For a start, do you ever wonder what is the most popular beauty brands? Or what are the things people care about? Read on!  

Earlier today I came across this article in the Verge magazine, about The Definitive List of What Everyone Likes on Facebook. They are also very kind to share the exhaustive list 282.001 interest items through the link you can find at their article.

The story is, just recently (Jan 2016) Facebook released their huge data of its users’ interests as part of their Audience Optimization. The idea is to help publishers target audience on Facebook based on their interests.READ MORE

Twindlytuesday: Two picks from the new Spring collections feat. Chanel & YSL

I’ve already told you that I did a sneaky purchase at Douglas in my last blogpost, and I also told you what it was. I went to Douglas for a little pick-me-up and had the YSL nail polish in Peace Green (from their Boho Stones collection) in my basket already when I passed the Chanel counter and saw the Sunkiss Ribbon Blush from LA Sunrise. It was love at first sight. READ MORE