Douglas – similar to Sephora in France and the US – is most known to carry every item of makeup you might ever dream of. It’s been my go-to place for a lot of skincare and makeup I buy for a long time, but only for that. Whenever I shopped either online or in-store, I saw some other stuff from the corner of my eye, but I never bothered to look properly. Until last week that is, when I was sick and quite bored and decided to have a look at EVERY BRAND at the Douglas online shop. And I promise, minds will be blown at some of the things I found. (You can also use my list as a gift guide of some sort and use those vouchers and coupons!)

The Douglas in Munich Kaufingerstraße (picture courtesy of Usiem)
The Douglas in Munich Kaufingerstraße (picture courtesy of Usiem)


  1. It shouldn’t be surprising that a store that carries beauty items also offers a plethora of lifestyle brands where you’ll find everything from cute jewelry holders (Kikkerland) to storage boxes (Miss Étoile), kitchen boards (Mea-living), tea light holders (Riverdale) and funny freezer magnets (Sticky Jam). The general aesthetic is generally on the cute and scandi side, and I could browse this section forever. All those cute things that nobody needs, but are oh so instagrammable!


  1. In the same vein, Douglas is able to take care of all your linen needs. Bed linens (Kleine Wolke)? Check. Towels (Vossen)? Check. Bath mats (Villerroy & Boch)? Check! So next time when you order your favourite mascara, you can literally throw in the towel. (Or order some new ones for your mum!)


  1. Ok, let’s venture into some more surprising areas of the site, shall we, and talk about – wait for it – hosiery. Item m6 and Kunert are both brands I love. Kunert does both Fly & Care and Warm Me Up tights – I always wear the Fly & Care ones for long flights and the Warm Me Up during the whole winter, basically. Recommended!


  1. Do you have a pet? Douglas has something for you, too! Pet Head offers shampoo for your critters, and Chacco has some stylish bowls for your furry friends.


  1. Oh, and as we’re talking about hair and hairy things – do you have a hipster guy with a hipster beard on your list of friends? Percy Noblemen is a brand that has everything for all the TLC a bearded guy might need.
J.S. Douglas Fabrik, unknown photographer. Douglas was founded in 1821, imagine that!
J.S. Douglas Fabrik, unknown photographer. Douglas was founded in 1821, imagine that!


  1. Let’s talk about stationary now and I’ll have to confess it right now and here: I’m totally addicted to notebooks and postcards. There’s just something so soothing about notebooks (you can plan stuff! Your life will change! Everything will will work out because you can make notes!). Depesche has the most adorable greeting cards and Nuuna has got notebooks you may order for your friend, dad or siblings and then just decide to keep for yourself.


  1. There’s something else you might order for yourself (or give away. I don’t know your life!). My mind was kind of blown when I realised that Douglas carries some really high quality sex toys (always go for the high quality stuff people! You don’t want to deal with toxic chemicals *there*). Check out lelo and fun factory and well, have fun!


  1. And now for something completely different – kitchen stuff! PPD, Jamie Oliver, and Sagaform. Cute mugs and napkins? PPD and Jamie Oliver. Sagaform has a lot of novelty and kitchen helpers – bowls, glasses, ice cubes, to name just a few. (Totally intrigued by those ice cubes – basically rocks you freeze and then pop into your drink so there’s no additional water diluting your whiskey!)


  1. And look, there’s even a lot of stuff suitable for children! My best friend’s girly six year old is totally enamoured with Filly, there’s a cute French skincare line called Sophie La Giraffe tailored for children, and for the toddler with rock ‘n’ roll parents, there’s a line called Rock Star Baby.


  1. Some of my most-loved finds could be termed ‘innovation products’. Struggling with aching feet? Have a look at Foot Petals insoles. There’re organic toothbrushes (Hydrophil), anti-wrinkle devices for your décolletage (Silicone Care), a vibrating makeup applicator (Color Me) and a portable light you can attach to your bathroom mirror when your lighting is insufficient for your makeup needs (My Beauty Light). There’re even maps that you don’t have to strenuously fold, but crumple up (MeterMorphosen). I’m now completely convinced that I need the Beauty Light, am deadly curious about the Silicone Care thingie and will buy one of the maps for my best friend.


  1. Last but not least, that what we love best – cosmetics. Of course. But I bet there’re some brands that you didn’t know that they’re available at Douglas! Prestige brands Eve Lom and Emma Hardy, for example. Why not treating yourself or somebody else to the best and most expensive cleansers on the market? Tokyo Milk, a perfume brand, has a big following in the US. I’ve seen the brand’s line-up at Sephora, but never sniffed it before. Also huge with US and UK bloggers is the hair care line Living proof. I had no idea that there’s a German store carrying Lipstick Queen (she of the green and blue lippies) and Pixie (of the famous glow tonic), but there you have it. More recent additions into Douglas’s brands are theBalm and Real Techniques – finally! Also, Revlon is back in Germany! Yay!


So there you have it. My afternoon browsing Douglas’ OS and its results. (And no, this is not a sponsored post.) Maybe you’re in search of Christmas presents right now – then it’s always nice to find some additional inspo, or maybe you want to treat yourself and make the best of the gazillions of vouchers floating through the net and the free shipping over 29€? Both great. (Btw, don’t forget to check Frau Shopping’s site for all the codes to max your savings!)

I really enjoyed finding some random stuff I’d have never associated with Douglas, and hope you did too! Have you found some weird things at Douglas or other beauty sites?


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