The weekend of November 15th was a really remarkable occurrence for twindly – the first meeting of all team members in person in Frankfurt. And we did what all start-ups do at meetings – brainstorming, working, having awesome food and getting some crazy team fun.We, being a beauty start-up, of course also played around with makeup (see that here) and went beauty shopping. But the main time (really!) was spent working. We spent a lot of time discovering how our dream version on twindly will look like, and how we’ll get there, talked a lot about development (I’m always completely in awe when Astrid and Abi talk shop like that, because building a website from scratch? It’s an enormous task people. It really is.) and about our plans for the next year. And let me tell you this, it’ll be great and you’ll love it.

The first day Astrid and I did our ‘makeup swap’ and generally talked beauty, makeup and everything around that. We also had some great coffee at a place called Espressionist – highly recommended if you’re ever in Frankfurt in the trade fair area and want to have a great cup of coffee.

Flat White, cake and makeup - Astrid and I chat about social media at Espressionist.
Flat White, cake and makeup – Astrid and I chatted about social media at Espressionist.


For brunch on Saturday, Astrid, Abi and me met at Oosten, right next to the new European Central Bank. Great food, nice atmosphere, and a generally laid-back vibe. We had our team photoshoot there – you can see a sneak peak above!

The team in front of the European Central Bank builing - capatalism, here we come!
The team in front of the European Central Bank builing – capatalism, here we come!


We also had a little sight seeing tour throug Frankfurt, while the weather got steadily worse.

Looking over Frankfurt's skyscrapers - with me as tourguide.
Looking over Frankfurt’s skyscrapers – with me as tour guide.


We took shelter from the beginning rain at Frohsein and had a nice British Afternoon Tea there – while pondering some swatches from the Holiday collections.


A delicious dinner at Vai Vai concluded the day.

Dinner at VaiVai, Frankfurt
Dinner at VaiVai, Frankfurt


A big thank you to everybody who made the whole experience an absolute pleasure!

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