October 2015 - twindly beauty blog
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Book Review: Beauty and Cosmetics 1550 – 1950 by Sarah Jane Downing

While I was waiting for Lisa Eldridge’s long anticipated book ‘Face Paint’ to be delivered, I was looking for other books on the history of makeup. I found ‘Beauty and Cosmetics 1550 – 1950′ and spent a very happy evening reading it. It’s full of interesting trivia and gives a great overview of the history of makeup.READ MORE

Fall Favourites Tag

Everybody and their kitchen sink already did the Fall Favourites Tag, but since Astrid and I had already planned to do more general posts in the future and sprinkle a little bit of lifestyle related things into the twindly mix, we decided to go with this format that we saw on Karen’s blog first last week. So, without further ado, our favourite fall things!READ MORE

Holiday Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s roundup

Ah, holiday collections! That time in the year when lids are sparkly, eyliner is winged, lips are red and everything exudes glamour. And sameness. And boredom. Or isn’t it? Let’s have a look at this year’s holiday collections and see the must-haves and the not-so-much-must-haves. As always, I try to include brands that are easily available for all our readers all over the world and also tell you about the most unique products, and items on my wish list.READ MORE

How to make your own nailpolish

Have you ever desperately looked for a specific nail polish colour to match a dress? (Hint: Great for a wedding!) Dreamt of tweaking a polish you own just so? Have looked at pictures of indie polishes and dreamt of making your own? Here’s the conclusive post just to do that – for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels!READ MORE