Back in April, a friend of mine introduced me to The 100 Day Project initiated by the lovely Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. It’s about doing a thing and sharing it for 100 consecutive days. You can read about it more here.  I’ve to say I love doing these kinds of projects. Something that shuts down my inner critics and challenging to do everyday to create a new habit.  It was then a matter of finding the right calling and the right project to commit myself to.

As tempted as I was for doing something related to pure art, like sketching or writing, I knew I had to do something related to beauty. It needs to be slightly uncomfortable (but doable), challenging, and fun. I know that, as much as I love putting makeup on myself, sharing it with everyone, making a selfie everyday is not something of my comfort zone.

Armed with this beautiful quote I found from the 100 days site,

100 day project pledge by Elle Luna
100 day project pledge by Elle Luna


I’ve decided to do a 100 days of beauty looks for twindly. #100DaysOfBeautyLooksForTwindly (I know, what a long hashtag 😀 )




I created some rules I need to follow myself:

  • Do a different combination, be it a different set of products or how I applied them on my face (after all, I don’t have 100 lipsticks!).
  • It’s okay to look silly, just be myself. I don’t have to look like a perfect instagram model.
  • Show up every day.


I had no idea how hard or how easy will this be. I only know I would love to do it, and I could use the data from this experiment for twindly! What more of a self assurance can I have? I made it! *pats self on the back*  and here are my learnings from it!




Putting makeup everyday. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone if I said I enjoy doing it. The days where I don’t actually have to go out and see anyone, I would use to experiment with crazier looks like this one. 


Showing up everyday was also the thing that kept motivating me to go without an excuse. We all know we will have days where we just don’t feel like it, not inspired, or having self doubt. These kinds of challenges and the blind faith that everything is just going to be ok.




Taking the selfie. I admit I took this part for granted. It’s just not as easy for me (although it does get easier with practice). I’m left amazed with all those beauty bloggers and instagrammers who can pull this off flawlessly every time. OK, I realized they probably did not do it everyday or this is their main job. Anyways, this process in total for me takes around 1h everyday to do (makeup, selfie, edit, upload).  Some days, though, I could end up looking like this!


The confidence. Seriously I don’t know how I would be able to pull it off as a teenager. Would it feel like everything you do get scrutinized and judged by the world? Why didn’t I have that much likes? Do I look better in the looks that has more likes? 

The look with the least likes (which happen to be on my birthday 😀 )


The look with the most likes (combined instagram and facebook)




Realizing and knowing how supportive your friends are! It’s all the positive comments and the faith you all have in me is what pushed me throughout the hard days!


Meeting Elle Luna




Collaborating with Maggie Cappeletti of Clubelle. PS: you can read about the workshop she has for me here.





The Lipstick I wear the most


I’m actually quite surprised at this fact. Apart from the lovely color, this must be because the lipstick brings back great memory from my 11th anniversary trip to Verona!


The lipstick colors I wear the most: RED (not much of surprise given I’m such a red queen, as in my post about red lipsticks here), followed closely by ORANGE


The brand I wear the most: Giorgio Armani. Which was interesting because the brand I owned the most product from is MAC.

The most colors I use for my eyeshadows

Day 82: I know I just have to do a #rainbow eyeshadow look for today! #equality #stchristopher day. Apologize for the inequal lights, the weather isn't perfect for picture taking today ;). Face: #BareMinerals Complexion Rescue in Spice, #Armani concealer and #YSL kiss and blush in Orange Fougeux. #KIKO bronzer in 101. Lips: #MAC Viva Glam V lipstick (of course it's also fitting for the theme!). Eyes (get ready!) #Armani eye tints for the summer collection in 14 sunrise – orange. #shirocosmetics in Cornucopia + #sephora eye pencil in banana – yellow. #maybelline gel liner in black, #makeupforever shadow + eye pencil – purple. #urbandecay chaos – blue, freak – green, slowburn – red. #twindly #the100dayproject #100daysofbeauty #100daysofbeautylooksfortwindly #makeup #beauty #instamakeup #instabeauty #rainboweyes #fotd #eotd

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Of course it’s when I make the rainbow eyeshadow look for equality day!


Interesting, right? These are just teasers for the geeky and other wonderful things you will be able to find out for your own beauty habit when twindly is out!




My dear partner in crime, husband, co-founder: Abi, who is also doing a 100 days of food sketch!

My beauty partner in crime: Dorit.

For doing the 100 days together and inspiring each other: Marika Nohara, Anita of 13Dresses, Alexa of the Human Jukebox Project,  and Criz especially for introducing me to the project!



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