July 2015 - twindly beauty blog
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Difficult eyeshadow formulas and how to conquer them (& a review of MAC’s Dazzleshadows)

Recently MAC came out with a new eyeshadow formula, the Dazzleshadows, which, well, dazzle. They’re full of little reflective glitters, and while that looks absolutely gorgeous in a swatch, when you apply it with your usual brush – the horror! Fallout all over your face. That got me thinking, because I guess we all have that eyeshadow graveyard full of gorgeous shadows that are a b***** to apply. Here’re our best application tips for challenging eyeshadow formulas and our best tools that will help you with that.READ MORE

My summer face: Makeup products that hold up well during hot days

I don’t know about you, but for me summer’s all fine and dandy until I’ve experience that icky feeling of makeup melting off my face. Europe was recently hit by a proper heat wave – here in Germany we had around 40°C/104F – and while I enjoy this kind of weather while I’m on vacation and lounging at the pool, having to conduct your daily life in this heat was challenging. Especially if you’re loving makeup and can’t think of what makeup to wear during extreme heat.READ MORE

Beauty founder stories: Rebekah Warren – from IT Manager to Organic Skincare Entrepreneur

While working on twindly, we’ve met a lot of fascinating people from the beauty industry. What’s better, after all, than sitting around a table and chatting about beauty? We’d love to do that with all of you reading this! But alas, because that’s quite impossible, we’ve started this interview series in which we’ll ask insiders like MUAs, small business founders and influencers how they perceive beauty and ask them to share their best tips and tricks with us all. So, grab a chair and a coffee and come and join us!READ MORE

Airplane travel – how to care for your skin and stay comfortable!

While vacations are among the best things in life, the way to get to your destination is mostly an experience that ranges from bleh to awful. I love exploring distant countries, but long-distance flights? They’re something to be endured, not to enjoy. Here’re my tried and true tips to make the experience a little bit less dreadful.READ MORE

Beauty hack #1 – pimp your foundation!

One of the best things of being a beauty addict is that it’s never boring. The thing I love most is seeing the innovative and intriguing things companies come out with. I love to see new formulas emerge and I love even more checking them out and testing them. READ MORE