June 2015 - twindly beauty blog
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The One-Sweep-Wonder: MAC’s new & permanent Extra Dimension Eyeshadows

I haven’t met anybody who didn’t love MAC’s Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (EDES), and thankfully MAC answered our prayers and made 18 shades permanent. From my stash I’ve chosen the ones that are perm now and will give you both swatches and a lot of reasons why those are a great addition to any makeup junkies’ hoard of eyeshadows!READ MORE

A shopping trip to get some Marsala (makeup, not wine!)

“Marsala?! Really?! It’s nearly summer!” some of you may have thought when you read the title of this post. “That’s soooooooo last December!” But hey, accompany us on a little shopping trip to see what beautiful Marsala items you can buy today, and how to combine them for some nice, summery makeup looks!READ MORE

Beauty shopping in Frankfurt (and other tourist-y info)

Think what you will about busy Frankfurt (and I’ve been known to bitch about the city where I moved to some years ago), but the shopping opportunities are quite good. Beauty shopping in Frankfurt mainly takes place in four areas of the city centre, so I’ll take you there today and tell you a bit about each shop and the area where it’s located.READ MORE