January 2015 - twindly beauty blog
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Beauty Founder Stories: Interview with Sophie Kuehn from Miss Sophie’s Nail Wraps

[English Translation below]

Während unserer Arbeit an twindly haben wir viele verschiedene, faszinierende Menschen in der Beauty-Branche kennengelernt. Und was ist cooler, mit anderen Beauty-Verrückten an einem Tisch zu sitzen und über das gemeinsame Thema zu quatschen? Das würden wir nur zu gerne mit allen unseren Lesern machen, und haben deswegen diese Interviewserie ins Leben gerufen. Wir werden Insider wie Makeup-Artists, Firmengründer und Meinungsbildner nicht nur zu ihren Vorstellungen von Schönheit, sondern auch zu ihren besten Tipps und Tricks befragen. Also, nehmt Euch einen Kaffee, setzt Euch und – enjoy!READ MORE

Travel makeup – do’s and don’ts (part 1)

It’s a sign of the common makeup addict that we like to peek into other people’s beauty bags, storage systems and hauls. It’s just what we love! As a beauty junkie who loves to travel I’m totally guilty of reading every blog post on the subject of travel makeup, not only because I love to see what other people pack, but also because I completely hate packing my bags, and packing beauty items more than anything. But over the years I came up with the following helpful do’s and don’ts that may help you to pack your own travel beauty kit.READ MORE

Dupe or not, that’s the question!

Probably that’s the worst case scenario for every beauty junkie – after getting a new and exciting product, you come home and start to play with it and recognizing slowly but surely that you already own something extremely similar by another brand. Even worse – you look at it from every angle in every possible light – but you can’t detect the slightest difference on your skin. And then, the worst case: READ MORE

Here to Stay – Beauty Faves of 2014 (PART 2)

Just like Dorit in part one, I’m a fan of the Marsala trend. Although my list of beauty faves still revolves around color, as I didn’t have a successful foray into skincare this year. It’s still so hard for me to find the HG skin care with changing skin and the harsh winter months over here. Here’s hoping that twindly will help me find better products this year!READ MORE

Here to stay – beauty faves of 2014 (part 1)

2014 was a year of great cosmetics releases. There were a lot of beautiful makeup collections (Mac’s Alluring Aquatics come to mind, or Guerlain’s Un Soir a L’Opera) great new products (Nars Audacious Lipsticks) and a lot of skincare discoveries – oils really stepped into the spotlight, micellar waters by drugstore brands made it a little bit easier to access the hyped product. We at twindly are of course always keen on trying new products, but which products from 2014 will stay with us through 2015? Here are our 10 from 2014!